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Foundation Builders

 "By far the best investment you can make is in yourself." - Warren Buffett

This Program Will Help You Build The Foundation & Learn The Fundamentals You Need To Take Your Real Estate Business To The Next Level. 

Step 1: Identify, Practice & Master the Fundamentals of the RE Game

✅ Learn What To Say 

✅ Learn How To Say It 

✅ Role-plays 

✅ Mastery 

Step 2: Build The Foundation. 

"You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure." - Gordon B. Hinckley 

✅ Create The Habits. 

✅ Create The Systems.  

✅ Create The Processes & Procedures.

Step 3: Learn The Action Steps 

✅ Learn What Actions Steps Will Bring You The Highest Results. 

✅ Learn How To Get Out Of Your Head & Into The Game.

✅ Learn To Take Massive Action. 

Step 4: 💰 EARN MORE MONEY 💰  

Earn More Money  💰

✅ Learn How To Re Invest That Money 💰

✅ Learn How To Duplicate That Money 💰

Step 5: Grow Your Business & Scale 📈 

✅ Grow To A True Business Owner.

✅ Learn How To Be An Owner VS An Operator.

✅ Learn How To Scale Your Business & Evolve Into A True Real Estate Entrepreneur. 

Foundation Builders Recieve 

💥 Weekly Mastermind Zoom Call 💥

1. 1 Weekly Training and Q&A

2. Special Guest Speakers 

3. Live Training 



1. 2 Weekly Role-Play Training

2. Special Role-Play Guest 

3. Daily M-F AM Accountability Call 

💥 Private Facebook Group💥

1. Private Community

2. Group Support

3. Collaborative Culture 

💥 Discounts 💥

1. 50% Discount on Future Events.

2. Discount on Future Products.

3. Discount to other Affiliated Events. 



“My Mindset .... I think they helped me really shift my mindset to do more. As far as investing I highly recommend you do it .. get off the fence and meet these guys … they will change your life.”

Aaron Drobnick

“It is absolutely the right move and it will absolutely get you to where you want to go. I've known both of these gentlemen for some time now & they have impacted my life! I GUARANTEE ITS THE RIGHT MOVE.”

Robert K. Watkins

"I thought the overall experience was FANTASTIC! Like any good mastermind .. it doesn't just end on the last day ... this turned into a lifelong membership into a newly founded family." Thank You Both!"

Renee Kische

"There is SO MUCH MORE than just being a traditional real estate agent. Ty & Adrian will show and teach you the difference. Thank you, guys!"

Ulises Vera

"When you are around people who actually do business & they can bring something to the table ... you want to be as close as possible to them. We mastermind ... we talk about business ... we talk about how to level up! Everyone needs to be around people who actually do the business ... who don't just talk .. but actually DO!"

Omar Alfaro

“Within a month of really following they’re advice I was able to get my first deal and I’m currently in the process of getting my second deal”

Naomi Ejima

“I’ve been a real estate agent and wholesaling for many many years … I’ve been to all the different gurus and training If you’re serious about wholesaling and flipping you want to be around Ty and Adrian because they have a wealth of knowledge”

Juan F Ponce